Monday, January 02, 2012

#52films and #fiftyfiftyme

Last year my friend (the very talented Jeanette Leech) watched a film a week at the cinema, something that has inspired me to up my game and see if I can do the same. I watched a lot more films over the last year at the cinema than I have done in a long while, thanks to the fact that i've spent a lot of time volunteering at The Poly, which shows a new film pretty much each week, and I even found myself at the 'mainstream' cinema once when my friends made me go to watch Harry Potter. By challenging myself to watch a film a week i'm going to be forced into watching some films that I perhaps might not have chosen to see (next week my only real option is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at The Phoenix because i'm not sure I can force myself to watch The Iron Lady (anti-Thatch feelings die hard)) but I hope this encourages me to watch things I might otherwise miss and I certainly hope it means I see every single film that's shown at The Poly this year.

Unfortunately due to bad timing i'm going to miss watching Waltz with Bashir and Restrepo at The Poly- both of which are showing as part of an exhibition of photos by Guy Martin- a photojournalist based in Falmouth who was seriously injured in an attack in Libya in which 2 other photographers died last year. Instead of watching films in Falmouth I shall be in London attending a 2 day training course in Social Media and then hanging around for a couple of days to visit some exhibitions and see friends.

So...the first film in my #52films...Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, watched at Odeon Weston-super-Mare on New Years Day. I'm not good at writing reviews so my Twitter review will have to do:

Sherlock: Odeon WsM Screen 3 large popcorn very uncomfy seat slow-mo explosions Robert D-J in drag naked national treasure 1-1-2012

I'm also attempting to read 50 new books in 2012 as part of the #fiftyfiftyme challenge- 50 new books and 50 new films read/watched in 2012. I've joined the fiftyfiftyme group on Goodreads and will be interested to see how far I get with this. Last year I read 41 books that I recorded on Goodreads, this year i'm hoping to make it to 50. Ending last year and starting this year reading the Game of Thrones might put me at a disadvantage but i'm enjoying it so far.

2 comments: said...

You're gonna clear 50, no problem, we're sure of it! Thanks for signing up!

Camilla said...

Enjoying the challenge so far- if I keep it up at this rate I could make 300+ by the end of the year (for films at least!)