Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tokens and Totems

I've been doing some volunteering at Here and Now Gallery in Falmouth as part of my placement for Creative Enterprise Cornwall. One of the things i've been doing is organising an exhibition in the gallery space for Elsie Jones, which we are installing today. I've been pretty distracted recently by the MA, and by the fact the exhibition we are putting on at Newlyn Art Gallery opens next week, but I thought I should make an effort and tell you all about Elsie's show.
Elsie says: 'I am influenced by folk art, such as Kachina dolls and simple primitive figures, but also by vintage plastic toys and pop culture. I am interested in the combination and fusion of all these elements, along with other interests and influences, such as textile art and costume, feminine and domestic handicrafts, vintage kitsch and graphics, collections, old toys and comic characters, pattern, decoration, and embellishment.I hoard colourful, decorative, vintage or weird found objects, and combine them with my drawing, crochet, embroidery and collage.'

It's exciting to see what is going to be unwrapped and hung on the walls, one thing i'm very much looking forward to seeing in 'real life' is the tablecloth of good and evil:

the tablecloth of good and evil

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