Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a difference a few days make

St Mawes
Last Wednesday I took the ferry to St Mawes and sat in the sunshine with my friends

St Mawes
I scrambled around on the beach and cut my finger open on a barnacle

St Mawes
I resisted the urge to climb on the giant anchor as there was a sign nearby warning that climbing/sitting on the wall set a bad example to children

road between Burnham and Weston
Last Friday my friend drove me back from Falmouth and this is what it looked like soon as we left the motorway- this is the main road between Burnham and Weston

welcome to weston-super-mare
Welcome home! (where is home now?)

Snow covered tree that made me think of Moomins

bumpy lane in snow
the lane into town- when it snows all the holes are filled in and it becomes easier to walk down

I live in an ice cave
I now live in an ice cave- i'll be sad when these melt

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