Friday, December 24, 2010


Two of my friends have new projects they are starting in 2011, i'm sure there are more people out there that I know that are about to tackle a photo a day, or maybe even a letter a day (with more success than me I suspect) but here's a little bit about Kirsty and Kerstin's projects for the new year:

This year Kerstin has run a 365 project called 'What is RED for you' which I contributed to, next year she is asking one question and hoping for 365 answers. The question is 'What are you afraid of?' and I shall be sending her my long list of foods that scare me due to childhood traumas over school dinners...

Kirsty Hall is no stranger to 365 projects and this year (next year I mean) she is going to be launching 365 jars into the world- each containing a bit of art made by her. Find out more about the jars and Kirsty's project here.


Kerstin Klein said...

Hi Milla,

thanks so much for writing about the new project. Here is your submission to the last one:

This year it will be slightly different. People are supposed to write down their thoughts or sketches directly into the Moleskine calendar. But I guess I won´t be seeing you somewhere here in Germany or the countries around, so 2011 I won´t say no to your list. :)

Take care and have a wonderful holiday.


Cally said...

Spooky coincidence I just came from Kirsty's blog and the next one I visit is talking about her.. it's a sign!
Guess who this is, it's Cally (callycreates.blogspot)! I know, people thought i'd rotted into the furniture (almost true) & though i don't have the energy to blog anymore I had to tell old blog friends that I posted today, 1st time since '09. I made a travel photo book. nothing artistic but the amazing part is simply that i managed to start AND finish something despite my body's complaints. Those bed bound days were not entirely wasted & this bloomin' illness hasn't stopped my eyes even though it hinders my hands.
I hope this year will be a good one for you and when I'm well enough to read blogs again I'll be back to read more here and no doubt you'll have your MA by then - cool! Apologies for 'round robin' portions of this, haven't got the energy to write them all out 100% original. Happy making, Cally x

Camilla said...

HI Cally,
delighted to hear from you again- I often wonder how you are doing and have been hoping you'd start blogging again. When I visited Scotland last year I wondered if I was anywhere near you and wished i'd been able to get hold of you for a cup of tea. I really haven't been able to read many blogs over the last year or two either- a combination of life getting busier and concentration failing me! take care of yourself xx