Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unexpected holidays

plane formation

I'm heading off to Scotland in the morning,  flying just over 400 miles to get there. I looked into going by train, but even with my railcard it was still three times more expensive to go by train than plane. I am comforting myself with the knowledge that my carbon footprint is pretty small already, and as i'm not going to have kids I think I get some guilt free flights every so often. If only I were going on the kind of airline that gave out tiny bags of peanuts, then i'd be truly happy!

This afternoon I went to a meeting at Cafe Kino where we started to plot for 'lo-fi hi(gh) school' a series of lectures/workshops that some of us are trying to make happen in Bristol soon. Seems like it's an exciting time to be in Bristol, reminded me a lot of several years ago when we put on Ladyfest and Bring Yourself Fest, those were the days...

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claire platt said...

yay a plane trip! hope you have a wonderful time in scotland!
sometimes i miss bristol and all the cool things that happen there!