Thursday, July 08, 2010

small babies and small shops

Clair and V in the shop

As you can see the baby in this photo is very small, and if you look closely you can see the shop in the background is very new too, in fact this photo must've been taken nearly 7 years ago as the baby is now a big seven year old, and the shop will be celebrating it's 7th birthday later this summer. I never thought when we took over the empty building that houses 'here' that there would still be a shop there 7 years later- we were given the space for 2 weeks during Ladyfest and no-one ever moved out.  Thanks to Ben the shop is still there and goes from strength to strength- and the teeny baby? She's been joined by 2 sisters and i'm going to visit them all next week. It's going to be the first time in about 5 years * that i'll have seen my friend - i've just booked a flight up to the Highlands where I shall meet her 2 (not so) new babies and get to visit the house she's built. After years of meaning to visit and never getting round to it, somehow knowing that i'll be spending the next year even further away down the end of Cornwall,  helped spur me on and finally just book those tickets.

* I realised I have seen her more recently than 5 years ago- there was a very brief flying visit when I was in passing Nottingham whilst 'on tour' with Kimya Dawson a few years ago. When I say 'on tour' I really mean, hanging out and visiting lots of towns that begin with the letter 'L', although I did end up on stage in London at the end of it all.

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