Thursday, April 08, 2010

We are closed

Claire has done a great round up of things over on our Calm Air All Ice blog- I've pretty much been crashed out recovering ever since we took the show down on Saturday evening. I was so pleased with how things went, we sold work- including a couple of the pricier pieces which I think goes to show that art is the perfect thing to buy when the economy is a bit rubbish, as long as you like what you buy it will always retain its value (and if you aren't an idiot like some we could mention and...oh...throw out a Banksy then it might even go up in value)

I also came away from the show with a possible commission (fingers crossed) and a head full of ideas for ways to develop one of my pieces of work into something that could be tailored to people's personal histories, and therefore potentially make some money selling the things. I generally don't think too much about money when I am making work- the process is the all important part for me, the end result being less of an issue, but running alongside that is my fascination with making 'products', ways in which original artworks can be made affordable and accessible to everyone. I'm going to be trying out some of these ideas at CheckOut at Central-Reservation this Sunday and it would be great to get some feedback!

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Space Cadet said...

It was a great show, I really enjoyed it. I'm already looking forward to your next one.