Saturday, December 12, 2009

the incredible print show 2

Some of my dirty hankies are on show as part of this exhibition at my favourite gallery that i've never visited. The incredible print show 2 is a follow up show to this years incredible print show and features small and perfectly formed print works by a whole range of artists including:

Abigail Halpin
Angela Gwinner
Brenda Rose
Camilla Stacey
Gail Stoughton
Heather Smith Jones
Jaime Derringer
Jenni Freidman
Jennifer Judd-McGee
Judith Heller Cassell
K.Thor Jensen
Laura Berger
Lillianna Pereira
Linda Plaisted
Lisa DeJohn
Lisa Kirkpatrick
Mandy Horne
Nate Krasner
Rachel Saldana
Sara Jensen
Scott Patt
Shuxin Liang
Studio G
Susann Foster Brown
Susan Schwake

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