Thursday, September 03, 2009

So much to do, so little time

flyers for the shoppe

I have SO much to update you about, but so little time to do it in. Instead can I direct you over to The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe, where you will find some of the strange creatures i've been spending the last few weeks with; and to Frou Frou, where you will see some of the beautiful work that will be on show during Weston Arts Festival.

I've got 8 days to pull together all the loose threads for three exhibitions opening on 12th September- and somewhere in those 8 days my nephew turns 2, and I turn 36! Please send calming thoughts and big bars of chocolate my way via any method possible, including Unicorn mail.

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andrealynn said...

Sounds like you are having a exciting times over there. I just sent my most trustworthy unicorn your way with all the chocolate we could fit on his saddle. Wish you the best!