Saturday, September 05, 2009

My mail box has been very happy this week

Let me show you some of the lovely things that have dropped onto my door mat this week shall I? Here's a small sampling of the treats i've been unwrapping for The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe that opens next Saturday.


Brooches from Anna at Custom Made UK

Artist book and necklace from Lost in the Forest for The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe

Artist Books from Emily at Lost in the Forest

Claire Elizabeth Platt

Unicorns from my some time partner in crime Claire Elizabeth Platt

flyers for the shoppe

and lovely colourful flyers designed by Chipfork.

I would stay longer to talk to you, but right now bed is calling me- the last few weeks have been a cycle of art/bed/art/bed/art/bed and I think my cats are starting to hate me!

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