Monday, September 07, 2009

Ian Shipton- Weston Arts Festival

Many years ago (er...maybe four or five) when I decided to go back to art school and start all over again, Ian Shipton was one of my tutors. Now he is one of the people showing work as part of the Weston Arts Festival on Saturday and I just popped round his house for a mini preview of the show.

Ian Shipton

all these pieces were created using bits and pieces picked up off the beach whilst walking his two (cute) dogs.

Ian Shipton

Some of the pieces include poems by Ian (I liked this one a lot because of the creepy little doll)

Ian Shipton

As well as these assemblages you will be able to see his beautiful garden (he's also a garden designer), some lovely sculpture (and a sculptor) and his jewellery will be available to view on request.

It's all on display in 'The Long Gallery' at 42 Clevedon Rd, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. From 10am-6pm Saturday 12th September, and by appointment during the festival. Ian can be contacted on 0794 1648774.

Clevedon Road is about a ten minute walk from the train station, or can be reached from the seafront- turn inland when you are opposite the empty building that once housed the Tropicana open air pool (land of giant pineapples and fondly remembered).


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So nice isn't it! He only lives down the road from me so i'm sure we could arrange a visit if you were able to make it over here.