Saturday, September 19, 2009


Balloons outside the Sweet Shoppe

Another lovely sunny day for The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe, it's almost as if some beastie is keeping an eye on us and keeping the rain away (famous last words no doubt). Today started off super slow, with no-one even popping their heads in for the first hour or so, but then after lunch it all picked up and at times we had up to 8 people in the (very small) Shoppe at one time! Had some lovely visitors today, including Chipfork's parents, his sister Katy was the guest Shoppe Keeper and Bonny brought a collection of people with her for a day at the seaside.

Simon's new postcards

New postcards from Simon Daly (aka Chipfork) which were flying out of the Shoppe- we sold half of them on the first day of getting them in. Wish i'd made some now...

Also heard that the show at Frou Frou is going really well- lots of people are going in each day to look at the art, and to buy clothes too- I heard that Johanna was the first person to buy some work, a pair of buttons made by Karen Ruane- let's hope lots more work gets sold over the next month.

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karen said...

you sold some buttons??? Wow!