Friday, September 18, 2009

Back to work

Back to work tomorrow- but only at the Sweet Shoppe! I'm really looking forward to being back in the Shoppe again- I picked up some more sweets from Tizzy Treatz yesterday (including a tub of 300 flying saucers) and have so far managed to avoid eating any of them...well me and Alys did treat ourselves to one flying saucer each last night.

flying saucers like mermaid scales

This morning I met up with my friend Jane, we swooned over cheap version's of Moleskin journals in Asda and the went and had beans on toast at the Farm Cafe. I used to work at the City Farm and it was nice to be back there as a visitor, not as a member of staff. We saw lots of pigs, ducks, chickens and I think I saw a giant rabbit, but Jane said it was a fluffy blanket.

just don't. ok?

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