Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hyphen- Tania van Schalkwyk

Hyphen by Tania van Schalkwyk

pages from Hyphen by Tania Van Schalkwyk

My copy of Tania's book arrived in the mail the other day. I started to read it and found that I was having a little cry! I am so proud of all my talented friends who have had books published this year. You can now buy Hyphen via Amazon, and i'd recommend you do.

Also check out Allyson Shaw's The Desperate Ones, a cyber punk, apocalyptic novel, and Gunilla Jahnichen's Drawings, a collection of her drawings (we have copies of that available in The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe)

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Looking forward to seeing what your work will be like in the arts festival! Sounds interesting!!

Karen x