Wednesday, May 20, 2009

whilst i'm not at room212

dirty hankie screen

dirty screen

don't peep

As well as getting things organised for Calm Air All Ice, i've had this project on the go- it's a dirty screen, hiding dirty hankies. My deadline for Uni is tomorrow, which meant some juggling when it came to making work for both shows, but both are up now and it's just a matter of wait and see how things turn out. Tonight I think I should really just have a nice bath and early bed, but of course there's all those last minute tweaks to be done before I can head to bed.

Claire is in the gallery tomorrow- do pop in and say hello if you are in Bristol. Full details are over on our blog, including transport details and a map.


Gaina said...

Ah, I get it now :). Yes I think that having the adult images hung like that (no pun intended!) actually works really well.

Anonymous said...

This turned out really well, I'm very much a fan.

karen said...

oh I love this so much! Good luck with the uni thing x