Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calm air all ice- open for business

room 212

part of my wall

Four colour screen print

some of mine, some of Claire's

swine flu hankie

I would've updated these yesterday, but after getting home I was just about fit for a bath and bed. Claire and I have both taken photos, some of which are on our blog, others in our flickr sets- we've had bad weather which hasn't made photo conditions that brilliant, but I hope you get the feel of things. Claire will be in the gallery for Wed and Thurs, and we'll both be there on Fri and Sat- on Saturday I shall be providing a big pile of paper, coloured pens and instructions on how to make your own fortune tellers- i'm hoping that by the evening's closing party we have a window full of them. I'm equally happy to teach small children and grown adults, so please come and join us!


andrealynn said...

Everything looks amazing Milla! This is very exciting!!! How I wish I lived near by, I would stop by in a heartbeat.

www.karenart.co.uk said...


The exhibition looks amazing....its a fantastic achievement. I'm not sure I am going to manage to get down as its my last week at work this week and all is a bit manic. Good luck with it, and hope all goes well.

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Great to meet you yesterday. I loved the exhibition! Hope the closing party went well.