Monday, May 11, 2009

wash day

I have nearly 100 hankies that need to be hand washed, dried, ironed, starched and sorted into neat piles in time for the exhibtion next week. I can't believe it that in just one week's time the show will be up and open and it will be too late to worry about it any more! Today I spent part of this morning washing hankies, and now the first batch are drying in the sun. I wish I had a washing line about a million miles long- you'd be surprised how much space 100 hankies take up when they are put end to end.

The exhibition is one of the reasons for lack of updates, the other reasons include migraines (not good), making power point presentations (not brilliant) and acquring a new cat (very good).

Tabitha came from the RSPCA and at the moment has decided she is perfectly happy to just live in the conservatory. I hope that she becomes a little braver over the next few weeks and ventures in to join me in the rest of the house, but at the moment at least I have an excuse to eat breakfast out there in the morning.

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