Sunday, May 03, 2009

Thinking in colour

This started out as a place to clean my screen, and ended up beautiful

printing colours

mmm...screen printed circles

left overs from badge making

I tend to think of myself as working mainly in monochrome, but recently it seems I have branched out into colour. Over the last few weeks i've been busy screen printing some red/yellow/green/blue prints and I surprised myself with how well I adapted to working with colour. I hand mixed all the inks and I was really pleased with how well they came out.

The top image is the sheet of paper I used when I was cleaning the excess ink from the screen- each new colour was overlaid and what started off as just a way to clean up has ended up being a piece of work in it's own right.

The round circles are on their way to be made into 1" badges that will be available at the Calm Air All Ice exhibition, and I loved how they looked all laid out ready to be made up. I also loved how the scraps of paper looked in a pile on the floor- they really reminded me of the books that Mark Pawson makes from his badge making left overs.


Laura B said...

I find it hard sometimes to let go and break out into colour. It looks like you have been getting right into it!

Camilla said...

It's strange, i've spent the last few years being strictly monochrome and all of a sudden i'm all about primary colours (and green). I'm not sure if I could mix the colours up together, but as separate blobs i'm very comfortable with them.