Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow day!

snow creature

Well, like pretty much everyone else in England the site of more than a millimeter of snow has got me a bit over excited, so my update about my visit to Southampton will have to wait. Here is a snow creature that we made today at my sister's house.

this strange rabbit likes the snow

here's a very strange rabbit that enjoys the snow- I think he must have some arctic hare in him maybe?

the snowy lane

the lane I walked home down- so lovely and crunchy underfoot.


Johanna said...

I am ridiculously stupidly excited by the snow. We do have quite a lot over here though. I made a snow monkey as tall as me but don't have any good pictures.

andrealynn said...

Your snowman certainly has a mouth full, he is funny.

Laura said...

Ooo pretty! I'm loving this snow. Best excuse for a day off, ever!

Jen said...

Argh... it's drifting between 35 and degrees celsius here at the moment!
Very. Jealous.

Here's that link you asked for :)