Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things I am currently very excited about

I have a long term obsession with feral children and indeed all things Fortean, and yesterday I found this book in a second hand bookshop in town:

gazelle boy

The story of a boy found living wild with Gazelle in the Sahara

This lead me onto discovering this website: Feral Children which will now provide me with hours of enjoyment no doubt.

I also am currently very excited about my new book, remember I mentioned it a while ago? Well here's a sneak at it:
Mmmm Golden

It's a book i've had on my wish list for a long long time, and it arrived on the day of my deadline, so perfect timing- and I managed to find a half price copy too! What is it I hear you ask? Well it's this book: Annette Messager: Messengers
I've been rationing myself out as it's such a lovely book and it's almost unbearable to crack open the smooth golden pages, but every night I take a little look at some more and curl up feeling very happy with myself for being a good girl who did her homework and got a treat (even if she did pay for it herself)

And finally- i'm realising how great it is to have a partner in crime- a co-conspiritor in getting things done. Since our meeting on Monday, Claire and I have been coming up with ideas for future shows, press releases, pieces of work, all sorts- this is just what i've been missing out on!


Marie-Louise said...

I have some favorite books to and I can understand how much it means for you!

clunk said...

Hello. You like feral children? It's time for you to come and visit mine up here in the (unsnowy but VERY wild) highlands!!

karen said...

Annette Messager!! You lucky lucky girl. I adore her work, her preserved dresses, her little stuffed birds, do you know she used to teach them the alphabet, amazing.