Tuesday, February 17, 2009


sea view!
sea view from our room
The lane from the Uni
the lane from the uni
Sitting drinking beer outside in February
sitting outside drinking beer in february
Heligan Honey
Heligan Honey
This cat was sitting on the platform at Falmouth
the cat sat on the plat(form)

Well I made it to Falmouth in the end, despite never finding the train tickets and having to stump up £108 for replacements, it was worth every penny. I took surprisingly few photos, I didn't manage to make it to here+now and I didn't send any postcards. However I did get sand in my shoes, eat Mexican food, drink Cornish beer, get rained on, get over heated, walk up and down a lot of hills and fall in love with the University and the MA I went to find out about.


Alys Paterson said...

AHHH that's rings the memories back !!! xoxo

Alys Paterson said...

er...brings the memories back rather!

Jen said...

that is an exact double of my bfs cat... secret double life, i think.

karen said...

sounds amazing. Which MA are you thinking of? That link was amazing, thanks! x