Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cross posted from Calm Air All Ice


I've been trying to get some photos of these embroidered pieces for you to see, but I don't seem to have mastered the art of taking good photos of my work. I think what I notice the most is the state of my hands!

These are one of my interpretations of the paper folding games that I played when I was younger, i'm not sure what they are called- do you have a name for them?

Have I told you all about 'Calm Air All Ice'? It's the name Claire and I have given our project and the title of our exhibition in May, we've a blog set up over here for it which will have updates on our progress and details of work for sale etc when the time comes.


littlemithi said...

Hey Milla!

Are you going to put some of your doilies on show at the show? I remember us talking about how to display them and then the other day I saw one that had been lightly sewn down to a quite sheer fabric, and then popped on an embroidery hoop! The circle in a circle thing made it look fab :)

Jen said...

They're so cute!
We used to call them 'chatterboxes'.
Not a very cute name :P
Cool stuff.