Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Toy Society Christmas

Just before Christmas I took part in this:

I made this strange creation to set free into the world:

strange red legged cloud face cushion toy

here he (she?) is all wrapped up against the elements and parked on a bench over looking the sea with instructions to take home if found:

Take me home!

Goodbye strange creature:

The drop off

Look! I stood on the seafront photographing the sea (in other words spying) for a while just in case I was able to see someone pick up the toy, and this is the photo I took of the pick up:

Toy society spy work

After watching long enough to realise that these people had stopped and were taking notice of the toy I headed off with the biggest grin on my face ever, knowing that this wouldn't be the last time I set a toy free.

And do you know what? This story has a very happy ending indeed- the people who found the toy sent this email to the Toy Society:


i was walking along Weston-Super-Mare parade (South West England) in the bitter cold wind with my boyfriend and my 14 week old baby girl when we came across a bag placed on a seat, Inside the bag was a home made toy with the words "take me home, I'm yours" written on it!!! Bella (my baby girl) was delighted and we picked it up and took it home

Bella is so happy with it and it has a wonderful home and a loving owner who will grow up knowing the kindness of a total stranger.

In return I am pledging to make a home made toy and place it somewhere to be found and continue the chain of kindness.

Best Wishes Lucy and Bella

Lucy has now pledged that her, her boyfriend and her mum are all going to make toys and set them free!


ismoyo said...

Oh, what a lovely story to read! How amazing that you actually witnessed the pickup!
Just wanted to wish you a happy 2009! All the best!

Sam said...

This is fantastic! I have left a few things in public places and never ever hear about them again -- what a lovely feeling to know that someone enjoyed your work so much!
Sam xoxo

Doinky Doodles! said...

Wow! amazing:)))