Monday, January 05, 2009

Dreaming of Sweden

Lately I can't stop dreaming of Sweden. Last night I took a trip to Stockholm, in my dream Stockholm had become somewhat muddled up with Berlin geographically, which meant that I struggled to get to Gamla Stan and couldn't understand why people were speaking German. This dream inspired me to try and find some of the photos I had taken last time I was in Stockholm, which i've just worked out was 6 years ago, almost to the day.

opera house lights

Chandelier in the Cafe Opera restaurant, where I had a very expensive meal

frozen river
swans on the frozen river


snowy park

I have another photo somewhere which has a little dog in that looks just like Morran and I wonder sometimes if by magic I had taken a photo of Camilla and Morran while they were on a trip to Stockholm, I really need to find that photo!

This year I am determined to get back to Sweden, i've been trying to save money for a grand Scandinavian tour with Alys, and it feels like all these dreams are trying to force me into doing it sooner rather than later.


Carina said...

Sweden.... Denmark is better, dude! ;-)

Camilla said...

Actually my master plan is to make some kind of round trip to take in Finland, Sweden and Denmark (I suppose I should try for Norway as well). My plan at the moment is fly to Finland, swim to Sweden and then hop over from Sweden to Denmark and fly home again...not sure if it'll work but that's the master plan! Any travel tips would be great.

claire-elizabeth said...

thats so weird that your dream happen at that time!
i've been having odd scandivian dreams, me and matt were gonna do a big round trip in the summer but didn't.. but i've dreamt about Finland more than once now except in my dreams its like loads of water with tiny islands!
i will believe it looks that way till I see it for myself!

Alys Paterson said...

Let's dooooo it!! xx

karen said...

just booked tickets for Sweden at easter, how sureal!! I love it there, it's amazing and you can do it very cheaply with Ryanair. Hope you get there.

Claudia said...

oh, I love Stockholm (and Sweden) so much. We were there two years ago and it was wonderful. We might go back again this year. We are planning a trip to Prague and we might stop in Stockholm for a few days (we can stay for free at a friend's house...very nice).