Saturday, December 06, 2008

Silver Jewellery from Ian Shipton

Ian Shipton

Ian Shipton

My former tutor Ian Shipton has been making silver jewellery recently- here's some I thought might interest you. They are approx 1" long and have fittings on the back so can be worn as a pendant or brooch.

I don't know much about jewellery as I never wear it, but Ian leant me this piece to show to a few people that might be interested and what I really like about it is the weight of it- I tried to remember all the technical details about how it was made but i'm afraid I forgot. This one costs £60 and if you're interested you can find Ian
here, or leave a comment with me and i'll pass your details on to him.

Oh and yes, they are what you are thinking they might be.


Chloe said...

I am so glad you cleared that up in your last sentance lol!

From the first picture it looks like a very pretty piece of jewellery.
The second picture looks exactly like what it is!
Very clever though lol

Johanna said...

I really like it, it's very beautiful, but I can't really think of a single occasion where this would be appropriate to wear in public.

Ally Shaw said...

I would be interested in purchasing one of these, actually. Can you send my email to him, or where I might find these to buy?