Thursday, December 11, 2008

BUST Craftacular- the aftermath

I've never been so glad to see a sign in all my life!
I've never been so glad to see a poster in my life

BUST Craftacular London- my make your own badge stall
my badge display

BUST Craftacular London
view from my table toward Tatty Devine

BUST Craftacular London
lovely decorations!

BUST Craftacular London
view from my table toward Lady Luck Rules OK

Phew! The Craftacular was amazing, and it's taken me until now to recover from it (i'm not the only one, Anna has only just written her review of the day up). Catching the train up to London was great- carrying my stuff from the station to the venue at the other end wasn't so much fun. Unfortunately at the last minute my friend had been unable to come with me, which meant I had to carry everything myself and also left me stranded high and dry at my table, only rescued by Anna and her other half for a loo break and a cup of tea, and Kate's sneaky sweetie supplies.

It was great to meet up with people that I hadn't seen for ages, and to meet people like Karen and Kaija who suprised me by turning up and making badges with me. I also managed to fit some bits of a puzzle together and work out who Miss B was, and where I had met her before. I hope I didn't have a blank look on my face for too much of the afternoon!

I had to leave at 5 and things were still going strong then- I wish I could've stayed til midnight like everyone else did, maybe next year...

3 comments: said...

Hope it was a sucessful day! It looked great!

Anna, CM said...

Glad to be a help....i also have the "your comments feed my blog" badge after seeing it on your blog so thanks for that! You took better photos than me- mine were extra terrible! Great to see you!


claire-elizabeth said...

that looked cool! hope it went well!