Monday, October 27, 2008

A strange day

Freya's giant print

The first part of yesterday was spent invigilating at Centrespace Gallery in Bristol, where Freya Cumming has a solo show on. Freya has filled the gallery with screenprints, including this absolutely HUGE print that runs the entire length of the gallery. Freya is one of the founding members of SNAP and you can read about her on their website. The show runs until wednesday and is open daily from 10-5.

Printed badges for your pleasure

Freya Cumming at Centrespace

Freya Cumming at Centrespace

The second part of the day was spent with this little munchkin in the children's hospital. My nephew had problems breathing, so I kept my sister and him company whilst we waited for him to get better. They had to stay in over night, I got to leave and go home, thankfully everyone's back home now safe and sound this morning.



karen said...

I absolutely love this work, it's so refreshing. I hope your little men is o.k aswel.

Gaina said...

Question: How the HELL are you finding time to do anything other than this blessed essay!? Being 'TWiFfled' in my holidays is hard work :P.