Friday, October 24, 2008

I shut David in the shop

I Am Weary, Let Me Rest
Screenprint, Edition of 6
January 2008
4in x 6in

This afternoon I was at SNAP in Bristol, where i've been helping out from time to time when they need someone to mind the shop. It was a lovely afternoon and I enjoyed spending time looking at all the wonderful prints, thinking about how I really should blog about some of them and wondering how I would choose who to show you first. Well...i've decided that David Abbot should go first as I managed to lock him in the gallery, and set the alarm, when I left tonight.

We Danced with Hyenas (Collaboration with Keith Shore)
Screenprint, edition of 50
September 2005
9in x 19in

David has a website here: Hackleys and a blog. He's also responsible for taking this photo of me (which I like a lot) at SNAP's 1st birthday party:


Gaina said...

If you fancy a break from being the Universal Filthy Bitch Of Gravity there's a meme to fill in - you're tagged, just check my blog :).

steven mcvay said...

thanks for your blog comment about my thieving ways, next time i go on the rob ill remember you..
your blog is coool by the way... i love the look of your chimney breast half finished..did you finish it ?