Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SNAP studio

Snap studio
view from behind the desk

Snap studio
stairs up and down lead to work spaces

Snap studio
cute green ironing board

Snap studio
view from lower level to the desk

On Saturday I went and helped out at SNAP studio in Bristol for a few hours, here's some photos of what the shop part looks like- lovely and bright and clean and full to the brim with screen printed goodness.


miss b said...

Hi, what's the address for Snap. I recognise the cobblestones, but not it's exact location. Website address didn't help much too.

Camilla said...

Do you know where the Colston Hall is? It's really near there- if you walk up the road past the Colston Hall (Colston Rd?) and turn left at the zebra crossing (there's a hairdressers on the corner) it's just up the hill on the left hand side. It's in the same area as Christmas Steps if that's any help?