Tuesday, June 03, 2008

whale whale whale.

If you fall asleep whilst reading Moby Dick you may will dream of these things:

$20 from Malisia (owner of Barcelona super store Duduá)

$25 from Charlie and Sarah

$6.50 from Ity-bity Bags

£25 from Polaire

These aren't the actual products from my dream, because the products in my dream don't exist, but were made by Boy Girl Party amongst others (it's only Susie I remember). In my dream there was a website that featured 4-6 designers offerings, all pouches that had whales on them, all in colours like indigo blue. At the bottom of the web page there was an announcement that the following months theme would be chickens, and that I had been selected to take part- again the only designer that I remember was Susie, but there were comments from Angry Chicken and This Chicken and I remember a feeling of panic because I felt that I wouldn't make anything up to the standard of the whale pouches.

These whale items are all from Etsy- click on the image to be taken to the individual shops where you can buy them.

Now...have you ever dreamed an entire website, complete with links, into being? Or any other craft/blog related dreams you would care to share with me?


Claudia said...

I just got (yesterday) a whale red t-shirt from Charlie and Sarah! I also wanted the bag but I had to control myself and let go ;)

this chicken said...

Hehe! You had me chuckling to myself as I read that :)

I'm flattered that I was featured in your dream!

I don't think you are too crazy though because when I've been over-indulging in blogs and etsy and craft and design, my brain gets over-excited and I do the same. Unfortunately I usually forget the dreams about 5 minutes after I wake up.

Though I do remember waking up in a bit of a panic about 4 months ago after dreaming I was being followed around by about 50 Refab chicken doorstops ( http://www.refab.co.uk/ ) - funnily enough!

eugene said...

happy accident. i was clearing my rss reader and within minutes of reading your post i saw this post: