Monday, June 02, 2008

Project 365- May 08

May 08

Well three days missing out of 31 isn't too bad, considering it was only a month ago that it seemed like I might as well give up this little project. At the moment I am half way through a week of 'Photobooth' photos, maybe this is lazy of me, maybe it's creative!?

Some of these posts are being written ahead of time and published in the future (it's so sci-fi now Blogspot can do that) because i'm not 100% at the moment and I think this way there should be something popping up on here every few days, even if I am stuck in bed.

Gaina is going to be taking up the photo a day challenge now- some of her photos that i've already seen are pretty amazing, so i'm sure it will be worth keeping you eyes peeled in her direction, and can I mention again how great Mithi and Claudia's Project 365's are- seriously beautiful images.

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Gaina said...

AAAH! I must meet Biddy, she is begging to be snuggled :D

I'm glad you liked my contributions to the 'one photo per day' challenge so far - I can't stop now that you've told everyone! haha.

Don't forget to fill me in on the summer project tomorrow, ok? xxx