Saturday, June 21, 2008

A home for Alice

a home for alice
my entry for the 'A home for Alice' project

I made the mistake of going into town this afternoon, forgetting that it was a weekend in June, which meant crowds of holiday makers filling the streets. The best thing about living in a seaside town is the winter- when everyone goes home again and I get the place to myself again! It's strange to live in a town that was built on the idea of people coming here for a short time and then returning to their homes again- the British seaside resort has suffered a serious decline since the 70s, and my seaside town has probably done worse than an lot of them, but there are signs that things might be changing. As people become more concerned about the environmental costs of holidays that involve flying, maybe the seaside towns will once again be busy and attract a wider range of visitors.

Alice is looking for a place to call home- maybe she'd like to come and live in my maisonette by the sea for a while, or perhaps you have a better offer?


Gaina said...

The decline I've seen in Weston since I moved here has been very sad indeed. Actually it mades me angry to see a once-beautiful Victorian seaside town get neglected like this.

I don't think starting work on the sea wall now was the smartest idea ever, either...

Mum can't wait until the tourists go home either!

Ravenhill said...

Hi Camilla! You won my give away! Congratulations!!! Could you please send me your snail mail address so I can send it off to you? Thanks!
~Emily xx

design for mankind. said...

This is such a lovely house! :)

Camilla said...

Thankyou! I live in the top part of the house- the bit with the cream painted stone work, I should post more photos from the inside of my house maybe.