Saturday, June 07, 2008

Building a new home

mountain walk

It's been a long time since I gave up half way through this walk in Edale, which is one of the last times i've seen my friend Clair in 'real life'. We went camping as a celebration for the life of her husband, and for her daughter's birthday, and my dodgy knee meant I didn't reach the top of Kinder Scout as planned. Now, due to the wonders of the internet I am able to keep up with Clair's adventures as she converts a barn into a home in the Highlands. She's just started blogging again and I suggest you take a trip to visit her here.

Clair and I lived together...oooh it must be about 18 years ago (crikey! Can it really be that long?) we were studying on the same Art Foundation course and filled our excellent flat with gnomes and dinosaurs and watched Jacques Cousteau programmes all day.

I'm impressed by the people I know who are building new homes of themselves, I think of Cally, and of Jeannette (who isn't building yet, but will be one day soon i'm sure). I have a hard enough time decorating one room of my home, let alone thinking about building a new one from scratch. I wish I had that kind of brain, the kind that takes on adventurous projects and doesn't have a total meltdown about doing so. Seriously the hall still hasn't been painted since I stripped most of the paper off it nearly a year ago- the reason why? I'm still trying to decide which colour to use.

If I were to build a new home it would be made from straw bales, or perhaps from gingerbread.


Gaina said...

I'd just settle for giving your art room a damn good clean out for now :-). I'll shimmy up the stairs on my bum to help you! LOL

Clair said...

...hang on mate. Don't get ahead of yourself. It was just 16 years ago! Phew! For a moment there I felt REALLY old.
Oh Jeeez. Actually 16 years ago doesn't sound that much better!! Cripes.