Friday, May 30, 2008

Project 365...week 22, and i'm finally back on track

week 21- another full week!
week 21
Week 20- a full week!
week 20

Well, I didn't like to mention it last week, but now that week 21 is well and truly out the way I think I can safely say my project 365 is back on track. Both week 20 and 21 were full weeks, which means May is shaping up to be a pretty good month despite missing 3 days earlier on.

Sometimes I wonder if i've really got the right idea with the way i've approached this project- when I look at Mithi's photos, or Claudia's I think 'damn! those are good'. Then I remember that for me sometimes getting out of bed 365 days a year is an achievement, and all I really wanted to do with this project was to see if it could be done. I fell off the horse a couple of times, and probably will do again, but i've got back up and carried on with taking those photos.

I like how my photos are snapshots of every day as I live it, some days are rubbish and feature fuzzy photos of slippers and cereals, some days feature amazing images that could stand on their own as artworks, but each image captures a little bit of how i'm feeling on the day I took it. The days with no photos- probably days it's best you don't get to see.


littlemithi said...

Go Milla!

The fact that May is shaping up quite well must mean you are in good spirits :)

Are you coming to the peskimos tomorrow? I have my friend Xtina with me too (gocco queen) and it would be lovely to see you ...

Gaina said...

Gah! I see baby feet! **nibble**. Haha

I know the Unicorn photographer - a damn fine woman! Modest too. :P

Where was the fox?

littlemithi said...

Met David and Jodie and Ben and Gianfranco today, and brought along Xtina Lamb as well ....

missed seeing you there ...