Monday, May 19, 2008

Magic Cream from Lisa Payne

Magic Cream

A while ago I took advantage of the Alchemy feature on Etsy and made a request for someone to make me a pain relieving cream that I could use for period pain, as well as on my arthritic joints. I got lots of responses, but in the end I picked Lisa, based on the fact she asked the most questions about what I was looking for- which filled me with confidence.After asking even more questions about me and scents I liked, medication I took etc etc she blended me up this pot of magic cream and popped it in the post to me.

I now can't stop showing it to people and thought maybe I should share it with you too. This stuff is so good! One day I did an experiment and only put it on one knee - sure enough that knee was pain free all day, and the other was stiff and hurty. I've got a lot of aches today and so have smothered my knees, ankles and shoulder with the cream and it's pretty much all gone away. I feel a bit evangelical about how good Lisa is at her aromatherapy skills!

It would be a pretty good story if it ended there, but it's a much smaller world than you might think because I have since discovered that Lisa is currently in Stockholm with Miss AMP, who is a good friend of my friends Alice and Lady Lucy. In another twist of fate we worked out that I was a cats whisker away from actually visiting her house at New Year, where Alice was cat sitting.

So not only does she make magic cream, she has some of the best people as her friends too. Now go and buy something from her. Look what else she makes:


Gaina said...

I am going to speak to her about some cream at some point....but LUSH and got to me first I'm afraid :D.

Marie-Louise said...

Very cute!