Thursday, March 27, 2008

I am a unicorn!

First three bags

I printed up the first three bags today. After much mixing of colours for tests on paper I got too excited when I came up with this one (a greeny/silvery colour) and just went ahead and printed, without really taking into consideration that the medium i'd been using was for paper, not fabric. There's no 100% guarantee that these will be washable, having said that, someone who used the same inks last year has put her work through the washing machine and left it outdoors in the rain for a month and it didn't wash out so i'm hopeful for these little lovelies.


We debated long and hard about the wording, should it be 'I am a Unicorn' or 'I am an Unicorn'? Actually the poor thing isn't really a unicorn at all, he is a Weston-super-Mare seaside donkey with a seashell horn stuck on his head, but don't tell him that.

The bags will be sold as part of The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe, and also via my Made by Milla shop- if you think you're going to want one let me know and i'll reserve one for you (and let's face it, who wouldn't want one?!)


Gaina said...

'I am a Unicorn' is correct. Trust me, I am the Grammar Gnu ;).

And anyway, I still say it's either a Conkey, or a Unidonk, depending on parentage but of course only we would understand this. :P

kickpleat said...

i love it!!

cally said...

Oh yeah, the colour is fab, i'd have jumped in there too. and lets face it, when paper inks get on your jeans they STAY on your jeans, so I'm sure they'll stay on your bags too.