Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bubblegum pink and unicorns

March 26th

Tomorrow, all being well, I shall be screen printing my own very special version of the unicorn, onto these bubble gum pink canvas bags. All part of preparations for The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe. I shall also be printing up a selection of t-shirts and i've decided that i'm going to start off with large sizes only. When I say large I mean i'm starting from a UK size 16 and going up to a UK 24. As a fat girl myself I am always upset to discover cute t-shirts that don't fit me, so I thought maybe I should make some instead of being glum. Fingers crossed they turn out ok- i've never screen printed t-shirts before so it's a bit of an experiment for me.


cally said...

About time too, glad someone is redressing the size balance. I'm back down to a 12 but I still remember the frustration of not being able to get the nice things in bigger sizes (and my bingo wings still cause probs in that dept...size 12 trunk, size 14/16 wings if it's a fitted shirt).

I've always had the other problem, legs too long. I had a decade of teenage/early 20's humiliation of calf length trousers until fashion started to make them longer, so now ones designed to scuff the ground and fray will, at last, nearly reach the top of my ankles.

I'm all for anyone that caters for non-barbie sizing. And I bet your Tee's wil be super cute. Happy printing.

littlemithi said...

Good luck Miss! Looks like you're feeling much better - would have loved to have joined in your sweet shoppe but am just to busy with school work. ... but am looking forward to seeing how the shoppe come together ;)

Gaina said...

The photos looked great, so I am excited to see them when they dry.

'Yay' for 'traditionally built ladies'!!! :D.