Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sunshine and new semesters

sitting on the seafront trying to focus on a button

The sun was out today and we took full advantage of the half day at Uni by spending our afternoon on the seafront watching people roller blade and discussing the addictive nature of 'Project 365' and how I felt lost without my camera on me. I borrowed my friend's to take this photo of my giant button- I could've taken a photo of the beach, but somehow my coat was more interesting to me.

I wanted to say that I really do love the comments I get here and I do read them all- i'm just absolutely TERRIBLE at replying to them- I have problems with my short term memory which means that sometimes I really struggle with writing, and weeks can pass before I answer an email or comment from someone. For example, ever since I made my moany post about people with perfect houses and perfect blog-husbands i've been wanting to follow that up, but still haven't managed to formulate anything into sentences, let alone a whole paragraph. Yesterday I was being trained in using a new piece of software that might help change that- I now am the proud owner of some voice recognition software that is hoped will help me get the stuff out my head and down onto paper (virtual or otherwise) we'll just have to sit tight and see how it interacts with blogging.


Claudia said...

You are very into technologies ;)
I'm from the old school : paper and pen! I know what you mean by the addictive nature of project365. I always have my camera...ready for action!

Alix said...

Oh, so i'm not the only one! What is this software? I need structure and planning very badly.

karen said...

Hi Camilla. I haven't had much time for blog reading lately, will catch up with yours this weekend. There is a little gift for you over on my blog!

cally said...

This post eases my burden of guilt about being the exact same way. I'm trying super hard to keep up with my comment replies, but I know a few have slipped through the net (well, a lot more than a few.

Bet you were excited to get over 100 hits in England in just one week via clustr, that's so cool. And a nice spread of folks on other continents too. It's so much fun watching around holiday time when little dots start appearing in the middle of the ocean and you know someone must be on a trip.

I see you also get the same dot as me in N. Canada. I've long suspected it's the arts residency place that anna peach went to last year, cause that's when the dot first appeared on mine, though it has kept increasing even now she's left.

I was watching the weather on TV and imagining you get some serious sunlight around you, beautiful.