Sunday, January 06, 2008

Twelfth NIght

handmade ornaments 2007 (and a gold dog)

Time to take down the decorations, and time for me to actually photograph them before they go into a box, not to be seen again until next December. Along with the loss of my emails a week or so ago I lost the details of the people i'd been swapping with, so I can't tell you who made all these ornaments, but I can let you know who made some of them.

Top row:

My mum made this little decoration, on the other side it's red with white stitching.
The stocking came from Jennifer Yellow Hat
This little ceramic dove came from the marvelous Susan

Second row:

Lovely little fox from Heather
printed bird ornament from Sarah
Felt bird from Claudia

Third row:
All the way from New Zealand by...
Octopus from Jennie
Cute little handbag from...

Bottom row
Little Monkey from Lucy Byrd
spiral ornament from Neele

and a golden dog from me.

I really enjoyed taking part in this swap, I hope my creepy little doll face ornaments didn't put too many people off their festivities...


littlemithi said...

Wow, you got some nice stuff there! Maybe I get involved too next year ;)

kawaii crafter said...

oh, they're all adorable, I recognize the monkey, I enjoy viewing her site


Claudia said...

That's my felt bird! What a nice surprise. Thank you :)

Alison said...

Hi...the black and blue bird from New Zealand is from me.
It's a Pukeko (NZ Swamp hen).

Happy New Year