Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 will be great


2008 will be great


I started my New Year alone, with a mug of tea and some custard creams for company


I had thought the beach would be empty and I could wander along it on my own, but this was as empty as it got all morning

book mountain

A mountain of new books to curl up and read


Treasure! I don't think I can eat these- they are too pretty, and they look great in the little box that my friend Ceri sent some hand made fudge in.


ksklein said...

2008 is already great! :)

Happy New Year!

littlemithi said...

Uuuuu... might have to borrow Craft Inc from you ...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

karen said...

Hi Camilla. Hope you've had a happy festive time! The beach looks great!

Gaina said...

You should have called me you silly sod, you could have come over! Nobody should be alone on New Years Eve/Day.

I agree, it's going to be a good one ;)

susan said...

happiness to you my dear in 2008! i think it is going to be a GREAT year!

cally said...

happy 2008, i like your positivity, it WILL be great!