Sunday, December 30, 2007

The little bit of festiveness I have is almost used up


I thought it was important to document the fact that i'm not 100% scrooge-like when it comes to the festive season. This year I had a tree, and covered it will ornaments from the swap, along with things i'd made in previous years and a whole bunch of candy canes. The fairy on the top of the tree was created by a clever combination of plastic doll head, doily and some pink netting that Kirsty had passed on to me. It ended up looking like a choir boy, and caused for the tree to need to be reinforced with a bit of wood in order to stop the top drooping over (which was funny, but not festive). I don't 'do' Christmas, but this little tree ended up so nice I think maybe I should have one all the year round.

**** something mysterious has happened to my email in-box, which means that any emails that were in it from prior to yesterday have vanished into the ether. I can track down comments and such like from going through old posts, but there were a bunch of emails that I was waiting to answer and now they seem to have gone for ever. If you emailed me anytime before the 29th December, and haven't heard back from me, it would be great if you could send me a message to let me know. In normal circumstances I would be stressing out about this, but i'm starting to adopt a bit more of a 'well if I hadn't answered them they can't have been that important' type attitude about it all. Mind you- I am terrible at answering emails, even ones that I think of as high priority take months to get answered, i'm sure there's people out there who think i'm being deliberately rude and snubbing them, in fact i'm just very very forgetful ****

****I'm planning on unveiling my new Etsy shop on Jan 5th 2008, you might want to head over to it now and add it to your favourites if you feel so inclined. I'll still be running Made by Milla on Etsy, but my new shop will be where I put my ceramic pieces and paintings. I felt there was a danger of them getting lost if they were in with the badges and zines of Made by Milla, and so CamillaStacey was born. Or will be born. I just picked up my unsold work from the Xmas show at the here gallery (along with some money for the sold work) and will be sorting it out, taking photos and getting it all ready for the 5th- please pop by and take a look!****

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Gaina said...

I think your little tree is lovely, far more in-keeping with the spirit of christmas that the shop-bought flashing, twinkly crap.

I like the French idea of having seasonal decoration, where they have flower arrangements, ornaments and garlands for all four seasons. The Germans are great at Easter too - they hang painted eggs in the trees in their gardens and put decoration in the windows :).

Good luck with the new shop! Email me a link and I'll put it in my favourite places (I'm on Dad's laptop just now).

Have you got all your screen shots of the DVD? I'm confused about mine - hasn't stopped me writing my evaluation though! One less job to do :).