Tuesday, December 04, 2007

unfinished work

doileys that didn't get finished

Well...best laid plans and all that...I didn't get to finish my piece with the doily's in time for the opening of the show on Friday night, instead I decided to lay them out on the table, so at least some people would see them. I had a variety of different ideas for my display, none of which involved piling them up on a table cloth, but in the end I realised I just didn't have the time to achieve what I wanted with them, and would have to settle for a compromise. I was in two minds about showing them at all, perhaps I should have just put them on hold until another opportunity came along, but after the work me (and my mum) put into them I just didn't feel like sticking them back in my bag and taking them home again.

In a way it's funny that they didn't get finished, because they were the first piece I had visualised for this show. I had decided I wanted to work with doily's and embroidery even before my friend gave me the bag full of them. However, something's just don't run to plan and I ran out of time, or rather maybe my ideas grew bigger and needed more space to develop and i'll have to wait and see where they head next.

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Ravenhill said...

I love the doilies with the messages on them and would so love to hear or see what you had in mind. I collect doilies too. I haven't yet used any and haven't decided how I will so love to see what others come up with. I tried the link on another post to see your show but it didn't work... boo hoo.