Tuesday, December 18, 2007

linkety links

I've just been adding some new blogs to my links page and thought maybe It would be a good time to draw your attention to some of them. One of the nicest thing about getting comments (apart from the sense of validation) is discovering new blogs to try and keep up with. Some of my most recent discoveries include:

Ravenhill-who has some gorgeous xmas decorations on show
Zakka life- home to a new craft project every week
Bibbi Forsman- Swedish ceramacist
Aux petits oiseaux- pretty crafty things from Montreal
Contemporary Embroidery- from Karen Ruane
Snowflakes and black vampires- from PIF participant Kerstin
and my old old fried Jeannette's blog- it's all about the small things which for some strange reason i'd never visited until recently.

Some of these have been added to my links page, some of them i'm sure i've missed off, so if you know a blog you think I should be reading then let me know. Karen has just written about the strange feeling you get when you look at your stats and realise people are coming from all over the place to pop in and see you, yet very few actually say hello. Maybe it means it's nearly time for another national de-lurking day?


karen said...

Hi Camilla. Thanks for adding me to your links, I have been so busy I haven't really been catching up with my favourite blog reading and must get back to it.I am really happy that you mentioned my piece about wanting to know all the people who look at your blog, it would be VERY interesting wouldn't it!!??

Ravenhill said...

Hello Camill! You are so sweet to add me to your link list! Thanks so much. You have an amazing list of links and it will keep me busy for a long time exploring them all. Wishing you happy crafting.

Claudia said...

Hi Camilla,
Wow, thank you so much to add my little blog to your link list. Is it Christmas already? ;) Whenever I see my "ornament swap tree", your "special" ornament always makes me smile. Thank you again...I love it!!! Happy holidays to you and your family. Claudia xox

ksklein said...

Thanks for adding me to the list. And thanks for posting all the other interesting links. That will steal even more of my time! ;)