Monday, December 03, 2007

Holiday Ornament Swap 2007

I ran accross the road when I saw this in the shop window

It's about time I mentioned that i'm taking part in the second annual holiday ornament swap this year and today I received my first ornament- all the way from New Zealand. I'll do a post when a few more have arrived, but this is really an excuse to use my photo of the tree in the window of a shop I spied in Bristol the other day- I actually ran across the road when i realised there were little white fluffy squirrels in the tree!

To check out what other people are doing as part of the ornament swap head over to the flickr group, or wait and see what treasures come my way (and what horrors I send out into the world).


AB said...

Hi Camilla!
It was a bit wet on Saturday, pouring rain, hail storms etc! It was such a shame I missed you. I cant do the second craft fair in the gallery as I'm away.....we will have to stay in touch though the magic of our computers. Gianfranco said you got your Making Stuff For Kids Book. I havent got mine yet...still waiting! I am looking forward to seeing it :)

Demo said...

aaaaaaah!! i need those squirrels. best tree decos ever.