Saturday, November 17, 2007


The rowing club

River Avon, just outside Bristol

Two of my photos are featured on the new Schmap!! guide to Bristol. If you click on the top image it'll take you the page all about trips and activities in the Hotwells area of Bristol.

And not only did they pick my Bristol boat trip photos to use, but one of my photos from the Tiergarten in Berlin is featured on the guide to Berlin.

trees in the Tiergarten


karen said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments, you are officially my third and will get a little something, not quite sure what yet!!? E-mail me your address so I can sort it out.Looked at your pif and you have 6 comments? Am I looking in the right place? It doesn't matter anyway, the fact I now have three is a major achievement and I am so grateful!x

karen said...

You are officially in my pif, address please.... and I would love to live life on the edge too by receiving your gift, thanks,although your comment was gift enough as it stopped me from putting my head in the oven with frustration!