Thursday, November 15, 2007

Itchy feet

Great things for today:

My Bloody Valentine reunion- ticket on sale tomorrow wahhhhh tickets sold out by 9.15 this morning...

Tickets for the symposium Fabrications: Craft in the 21st Century at the V+A next Friday in the post

Janet has agreed to be my Adorn magazine supplier for this issue, I wish they'd hurry up and offer subscriptions to overseas people.

The Mighty Boosh are back on tv

Jessica from Heroes and Criminals, offering to trade zines with me

This awesome book arriving in the mail:

I have a grand total of $8.14 in my paypal account and i'm itching to spend it- suggestions please (or donations to increase the amount so I can and gold and stuff like that)

I bid on a Lomo LC-A on eBay and i'm 'winning' it at the moment, it was a spur of the moment thing, and i'm sure to be out bid, but I really really miss my old Lomo that broke when I was in LA a few years ago. In a way I hope i'm outbid, because that $8.14 isn't really going to cover it, but there's another part of me that's thinking 'i'll find the money from somewhere' and wondering if I should raise my maximum bid...

ps- hello Tracy if you're reading


karen said...

Hi. I have that book on my wish list for christmas! Any chance of a peek inside.

Feltbug said...

Hello - sadly I won't be going to the symposium - there is the London Artists book fair on at the ICA which is where I was planning to visit - its a fab event if you get time :)