Thursday, November 08, 2007

More photos from the opening night

gold dog on wallpaper

I am so happy with how the wallpaper turned out, i've decided that i'm going to use it in my house when the show is over. It's A3 sheets of photocopied paper, which almost match up, but not completely. It's just stuck up with masking tape, with the corners at the bottom left flapping, kind of like peeling silver birch trees. I couldn't have got the walls done without the help of Simon, who is super tall and reached the top bits while I passed paper and masking tape to him.

Ssteve and kat looking at the sparkles

Steve and Kat peering at the sparkles. Steve and Kat arrived at about 5.30 and offered suggestions for pricing the work and then posed for photos because I was a bit worried no-one else would turn up.

BBattle no flash

This is Battle, two found ceramic figurines, that I made gel-flex moulds from and then cast copies using herculite plaster. Some are headless, other's managed to keep their heads. They are all lined up ready to bust a move break-dance styleeee.

Army for me with flash

An Army For me. A collection of found figurines that I reglazed with a gold lustre. Some of the objects took the glaze better than others- it was interesting that the cheapest, most poorly made figurines seemed to come out the most golden, whereas the 'quality' pieces took on a more treacly look.

I'll post some photos of Cindy and Claire's work tomorrow with any luck. Today I became an auntie again, this time to a niece, which is nice. I also lost half a tooth, while eating toast and homous, which is not so nice. How did I get to be old enough to be losing teeth?

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