Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Last night exhibition opening

old friends

little and large

A super short post, as now the show is up I seem to have succumbed to the cold that is going around.

Last night was the opening night for my show (along with Claire Platt and Cindy Jaswal), I had such a great night- so many people that I love came along, and I got to meet the super lovely
Little Mithi, (who arrived just as I was in the middle of my fake lecture series, which really embarassed me). There's lots of photos from the show over on my flickr, and hopefully tomorrow i'll be feeling a bit more like writing a bit more about the work and how things went.

The exhibition runs until November 28th, open Tues-Sat from 11.30-6pm at here gallery, 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RU call 0117 9422222 for more info.


Alix said...

love the photos
have a delicious rest

AlternateBliss Studio said...

Congrats! Glad you had a good time. I second the opinion on the photos.

littlemithi said...

But i LOVED the fake lecture series .. wish I'd been there to hear the rest!

Wonderful photos by the way :)

cally said...

so glad you stopped by, spurred me to visit and also check your show on flickr, dazzle-tastic! Love the dog in teh red on the b&w. and I love how your walpaper flaps loose, oops, sounds dirty, but i do love the look of it. also enjoyed your description of your work, i agree, writing about one's own work is excruciating, you did a good job - loved the humour.

i've clearly left it too long cause your hair has grown loads since my last visit. oh my, i bet mine has too, i completely forgot about my own hair, haven't cut it since march or april i suspect.

i had this big plan about participating in the christmas fun at here gallery, but i realise i am being totally unrealistic, but i still harbour desires for getting down there sometime in the future, even if it's a bit distant.

it's been nice unearthing my old work and reconnecting with what it is that i truly love doing, and also reminding myself of just how much I acheived when i had CFS the first time round. what i find hard this time is having had to seriously, seriously cut back on blog reading, cause I really miss that regular contact with you arty folks. what you said in your post about meeting with Erin i think applies to blog commenting too, but you are right, it doesn't take much to reconnect when there is a genuine desire to, even if the gap seems long.

gah, i'm going on again, ciao camilla, it's been fun visiting :0)

Hal Camplin said...

Hi Milla-
sry I missed the opening sounds terrific
will cast my lazy eye upon it before the close
best wishes