Monday, October 29, 2007

You are not alone

rob ryan book cover

Today I took my bi-weekly trip into Bristol and met up with Alys and my sister for lunch at the Museum. Alys suprised me with a copy of Rob Ryan's new book, with the instructions to read it in private as it would make me cry.

Rob Ryan book pages

I sneaked a peak on the bus to the train station and it certainly did leave me feeling mournful, but that's no reason not to rush out and buy a copy for yourself.

Erin Originals postcard

After Alys headed back to work, my sister, her baby and me took a walk down to peek in the window at SNAP studio which sadly was shut, and then popped into Blaze where I almost succeeding in tricking my long-lost friend Erin into thinking the baby was mine. Erin and I made a date to get together and have a proper chat next week, and catch up on the last years worth of news.

It's good to make spur of the moment visits to people. You can spend so long planning and plotting and sometimes nothing ever happens. Sometimes it gets to the point that you think maybe you've left it too long, that you won't have anything to say, or that saying it will be awkward. Today has reminded me that sometimes just a five minute face to face chat with someone you haven't seen for a long time is enough to put it all back on track again. I'm looking forward to cups of tea and gossip and business tips with Erin next Tuesday, and I think i'm going to try and start making more of an effort to bump into people again.

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littlemithi said...

We pass by like ships in the, erm, mid afternoon!

A couple of my coursemates and I were at the Museum this afternoon drawing birds! I'm so jealous of your Rob Ryan book - I've been lusting after it since it came out, and have been a fan of his since I first came across his work a couple of years ago - it makes me drool, it does...

SNAP peoples must have all been busy with their own work - Rob Hunter was with us, "tutoring" us on our illuminated alphabets project. He is now a "junior fellow" in our department ...