Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wiring plugs

This evening I was impressed to find that I was not only able to rewire a plug from memory, but I had all the tools needed to do it too. It would have been even more impressive if the reason for the re-wiring wasn't to do with me melting the cable for the radio in the kitchen. Whilst I was unscrewing and cutting flex it made me think of the t-shirts from Mark Pawson with plugs on. There's a whole host of plug related products from Mark if you take a look here.

Another thing I did this evening that I hadn't done for a long time (in fact i'm not sure if i'd ever done it before) was practice kissing, using my hand. My friend Becky was discussing kissing techniques and somehow we both ended up snogging our own hands, in between cups of chamomile tea.

The exhibition opens a week today, so tomorrow I shall be making more little ladies and gentlemen, and continuing with the task of rhinestone application...

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